Product strategist from Stockholm living in New York. My superpowers evolve around strategy, user experience and getting shit done.

The last four years, aside from my studies at Parsons The New School for Design, I have been involved in various startups – mostly projects I co-founded or started myself.

With a design background, my methodology is user-focused and qualitative. My ambition is to build products people love. My vision is to push boundaries, have fun and learn from my mistakes by continuously encouraging peers and myself to thrive.

I like to be surrounded by hackers. In small teams I empower and embrace design thinking, always striving for a user focused development process as possible.

In 2010, as a high school thesis project, I designed and manufactured men’s shorts. Since then I started and worked with with several startups. In 2014 I threw myself into the mobile games industry – to develop Wordbolt. I decided to pause Parsons one year (2014-2015) to join The Springfield Project, an accelerator program, to pursue my mobile game business Qaos Games full time. I took courses full-time on Sundays to not lose time. Throughout my studies at Parsons, I improved my ability to apply design thinking to startups.

Pubic speaking

PocketGamer London January 2017 – Indie Analytics / Youtube
PocketGamer San Francisco June 2017 – Indie Analytics / Youtube